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Review of Richard Kay Superstore by dissatisfied_1

1935 Pearman Dairy Road, Anderson, SC

Submitted Sep 17, 2015

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Richard Kay Superstore Review

0 stars!!!
Horrible service! No one knows what there doing! I live almost 3 hours away and they call and tell me to come test drive a vehicle and when I finally arrive, it took them 20 minutes to even find the car and then it wasn't drivable because the clutch was broken, I can't drive a clutch and they did not tell me it was a clutch! I find another car that seemed decent and I was approved for it, the very next day, the breaks almost went out, and I took it to a shop and the roters are warped beyond fixing. I called the dealership to replace the roters and they says they can't do it and then never returned the call like they said they would. The fan belt started knocking. I find a recall on the computer program that went out 3 years ago. I get the title in the mail and they signed it, not allowing me to place my tag on the car. I finally get a power of attorney letter to get the tag and the tag office informed me that the dealerships application has me responsible for the fees and it's over $500!!! I called the dealership and no one returned the call! I have never in my life had such horrible people or service!! Never send anybody to this dealership!! They are nothing be a rip off and scam artists!!

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Review Richard Kay Superstore

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