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Review of Burger Chrysler-Jeep Inc by saltomer

2600 South Third Street, Terre Haute, IN

Submitted Aug 29, 2018

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Price: 3
Service: 1
Facility: 2
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Burger Chrysler-Jeep Inc Review

came from out of town to buy a low mileage 2014 chrysler 200 s convertible. We tested the car, and found all worked and struck a deal. We then inquired if they could pull the music files from the radio of our old Chrysler 200 and upload them to the new car. They immediately told me $50 charge. You would think on an $18k deal, that they could throw it in. This is NOT the reason for the 1 star.
The reason is that after their service tech finished pulling files from the old car, he wanted to go home..so he handed us a dealer supplied usb drive and told us how to upload them. What he did not tell us, was that the two radios are different models and that the files are not compatible. Not knowing this, we went through the process of uploading the files as instructed by the tech, only to find that the upload failed and rendered the Navigation portion of the radio useless. Come to find out that the maps for the navigation are also stored on the hard drive of the radio and that when the improper upload drive was introduced to the radio it corrupted the drive and now the maps will not load.
I have been in contact with the dealership for three days and their solution is to refund the service charge of $50, and make me responsible for replacing the $1500 radio as they freely admitted that the tech should have known that the radios were incompatible, and that the radio has been ruined because of their service dept's lack of care and knowledge. Under no scenario does a dealership not have liability when their service dept. damages or causes the damage to equipment that they worked on on your car.

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Review Burger Chrysler-Jeep Inc

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